What’s more, we can handle the time-consuming and frustrating task of formatting your citations and references to a style guide for you. Copyediting is also known as basic, general, medium, or line editing.

How much does it cost to proofread a thesis?

Generally, their prices range from $10 to $45 per hour. Professional services that offer by-the-hour proofreading can charge up to $95 per hour.

We’ll connect you with an editor who earned a postgraduate degree. We offer the best dissertation editing services based on your instructions. The editor will change what needs to be changed, but your unique voice as a writer will still shine through the content. We also advise getting the proofreading services in a complex so you will get 100% perfect papers.

  • A professional edit done through this dual check method ensures double testing of the possible errors committed by the researcher in the dissertation document.
  • The end result of this service is an easy-to-comprehend, readable and presentable content throughout the written dissertation which qualifies for approval.
  • This dual check makes sure that there is no shortcoming in any part of the document.

How Much Does Dissertation Editing Cost?

Editors may include more extensive comments concerning problems, suggest changes to organization, and delete redundant passages and excessive wordiness. Editors must also be familiar with the required publication standards or have them provided by the client. Copyediting requires more time and is more expensive than proofreading.

Individuals routinely self-edit their documents or ask relatives, friends, or colleagues to look at their work. Businesses routinely hire personnel, both internally and externally, to proof and edit documents to be shared publicly. Academics use editing services to ensure articles and books meet publishing company standards. A dissertation must be properly written and presented to receive a favorable assessment grade.

Services Tailored To You

Many dissertation editors are unprepared to provide the editing, formatting, and reference audit assistance to meet the standards of the major online universities, and this is particularly so at the finished dissertation stage. This is where working with a dissertation consultant with our level of experience with these universities comes in very handy, as we can ensure that your work meets the specific standards required to move your work forward. As you can see from the many errors in just this one little passage, editing your dissertation to meet the expectations of your reviewers can be an extremely detailed and time consuming process. With our experience providing dissertation help to clients as they work toward degrees from the major online universities, we know for certain that they each carry their own particular and always picky requirements for editing. If you working on your proposal or finished dissertation or thesis, and you are finding that no matter how many times you submit, you just can’t get it right, give us a call or send an email to learn how we can help.

professional dissertation editing

Hence, a bachelor degree is the minimum requirement with strong editing skills. These skills are subjected to test before appointing the person as dissertation editor. Academic editing companies may require editors with some experience on instructing or academic writing. Thesis Editing Services consist of professional editors who can make student achieve a high score in an academic career. Professional editors are a great asset for any graduate student or Ph.D. candidate looking to improve a thesis, dissertation, or journal manuscript. Using a professional editing service can help you get better feedback from your adviser as you move through the stages of writing your dissertation, and can also help you craft your full dissertation into publishable articles. Even in cases where the ideas within a dissertation are innovative, important additions to the literature, a poorly written document could diminish the value of the document.


This ensures the doctoral committee that they won’t get bogged down in language issues or problems of citation. But even in universities where professional editorial work is not required, Edits Made Easy can provide the documentation that will keep you from being sidetracked by ethics concerns. If your university requires it, you may certainly acknowledge Edits Made Easy’s editorial work in your thesis or dissertation, https://collegeessayhelps.com/ but if your university does not require this mention then we are happy to be your silent partners. At Bioscience Advising, we offer “one stop shopping” for numerous editing services, including dissertation editing andmanuscript editing services. Each of which incorporate all of the attributes described above for $70/hour for dissertations, up to 15,000 words, and reduced to $65/hour for longer documents.

Proofreading Services

Doctoral Capstone Form And Style

This dissertation must again be proofread multiple times, consisting of several hours per edit. For this purpose, dissertation editing services can be quite valuable.

Working with us will in no way contradict your university’s or college’s rules regarding professional editing. We abide by a doctrine of ethics and do not assist students with content writing or research. There are unscrupulous dissertation editing companies on the internet that help students with academic writing – we are not one of them. The quality of our dissertation editors is what separates us from other dissertation editing services. We can provide the help you need for your dissertation or thesis, revising your work for style, clarity, organization, word choice, concision, and tone. We’ll show you where you need to provide more support for your arguments and offer constructive criticism that will help you improve your writing. We will correct any spelling, grammar, or typographical errors, cleaning things up and allowing you to focus on creating great content.

Of these, there are many options, based on your budget and desired final document. It is nearly impossible for doctoral candidates or academic researchers to edit their own written work. When you are so involved with your research and the written material, you are less likely to see typos, spelling errors, or confusing parts in your dissertation chapters. An experienced editor who professional dissertation editing is looking at your paper with a “fresh” set of eyes will be able to notice errors and change any areas that could use improvement. Proofreading and editing are critical in the process of writing any document, and are particularly important for academic writers who are facing increased competition. Only trained editors can offer high-quality PhD dissertation editing services.

We can definitely provide you with a thorough sentence-level edit to really shine up your work, and we’ll stick with you with revisions to make sure you move forward with your research. Unlike other dissertation editing services, we can also offer more in-depth dissertation consulting support, and offer comments professional dissertation editing on a paper’s construction, organization, and study methodology. Because we have a dedicated and highly trained team of dissertation editors who focus exclusively on this work, we are able to offer much faster turnaround than other editing services – often as little as 3 to 4 days for a full dissertation.

Not everyone is great at writing and many students find it difficult and are prone to mistakes. Non- native English speakers and students with dyslexia can also find academic writing to be a challenging task. Before submitting a final dissertation, it’s recommended that intensive dissertation editing and proofreading to be carried out to make sure your material is at top quality. In some universities, a letter from your professional editor is required as a part of your thesis or dissertation submission package—and Edits Made Easy is happy to provide such a letter for you.

professional dissertation editing

Another one of these little details you’ll need to take care of as part of formatting your dissertation is setting up paragraph spacing. Taking the time to set up your paragraph spacing will help you to avoid another issue we see quite a lot in our dissertation editing–ghost spaces! APA or dissertation editors use the term “ghost spaces” to refer to those empty lines that sometimes seem to pop up magically between your paragraphs. And, when you’re working on a document that is well over 100 pages, it professional dissertation editing can so easy to miss these before you submit for review — but, invariably, your reviewers will catch these and require that they’re fixed before approval. Precision Consulting has a team of experienced dissertation editors who come to us from top universities such as Harvard, Princeton, Yale, McGill, Cambridge, and Oxford . When they join our editing team after completing a highly competitive screening process, these editors are already experts at preparing documents for submission and publication.