Chargrilled submitted… I needed to put my own fan curve at asus gpu tweak 2 because the default setting was hitting on 82C before you could even hear the fan. Gpu tweak forgot to load the fan profile once on me startup. Really a few times but the last time I used it it didnt wish to load itI received into witcher 3 along with the temperatures instantly spiked to 90 levels before a protector kicked and compelled my fans to kick , at 100%. Normally by default fans will kick onto 40% in 60 degrees and climb by factory settings however gpu tweak invisibly it with crap and didnt seem to want to turn the fans on at allby the time that I realised exactly what was happening it was already too late. The heat combined with the fan rotation so difficult was too much and from then on my lover on my strix 970 (that ASUS GTX 1060 DUAL OC 6GB Graphics Card Review – Back2Gaming is supposed to operate silent ( almost dead quiet) was creating an annoying rattling noise every time that the fans would twist. Something obtained warped, or even the bearings got f***ed up. Sent it in to asus plus they swapped the broken fan and have been fine ever since, but ive used msi afterburner today insteadbut yeah, fantastic app! Nothing like having it forget to load my oc and buff profiles at start no matter how many times I try to let it. That program gave me nothing but despair. Needing to double test the app before I start a match just to make sure it remembers my settings. What a lot of crap that was., they create good hardware but their applications is total garbage. I might steer clear of it in your very first sign of difficulty. I cant afford a fantastic vacation, so I’m just going to drink until I dont understand where I am.