Before you create a classic look using Lightroom, then you need to choose what attributes you think that look should possess. It mean different things to other people, but here’s my version. Photographs with the classic look are homesick, evoking the look of faded photos taken decades past. There be a colour cast or bows that are faded, and they ought to seem as though they’ve been shot with film. What’s your definition of the classic look? Whatever it is, once you have arrived at it, you can consider how you can achieve that look in Lightroom. Utilizing Lightroom Develop Presets the simplest way to create a vintage look is to buy Develop Presets or download absolutely totally free ones. Do not worry, I will explain ways to create the classic look your self, without even buying somebody else’s presets, in the next portion of the article. But I think it’s prudent to acknowledge that sometimes the easiest path would be to let somebody else do the hard work of figuring out the mechanisms, and get into their expertise. Incidentally, if you’re new to presets, this article A Concise Guide into Lightroom Develop Presets will provide you an introduction into the topic. Free Vintage Develop Presets a Simple place to Begin is with onOne Software’s free Build Presets for Lightroom. I recommend Nicolesy’s Matte Presets to get Adobe Lightroom 5 and the onOne Signature Collection Presets (available Lightroom Presets Autochrome is for Lightroom 4 and 5). There are also some presets for Lightroom 3 and 2 if you are using those versions. It is also possible to try these free classic presets out of Presets Heaven. This contrast shows you some of the effects you can create with these presets. Please remember that the very ideal approach to use Create Presets is as a starting point. When you’ve implemented the preset you can then visit the right-hand panels and tweak the settings to get the absolute most from your photo (something I have not done with these examples since I wished to explain to you the way they work directly out of this box). A. Original photo B. onOne Signature Collection: Vintage — Grandma’s Lemonade preset C. Nicolesy Matte Lightroom Presets: Nicolesy Matte 2 sided D. Presets Heaven: PH Vintage IV preset Best Paid Vintage Develop Presets Not everyone wants to pay for Lightroom Develop Presets (my post Are Lightroom Develop Presets worth the Price? Asked that issue ) but there are certainly some fantastic preset collections out there if you don’t mind doing this. I recommend (and have personally bought and used) the following: Nicole S. Young’s Vintage Fade presets. These are the cheapest out of all of these preset packs. The set contains Photoshop Actions and ACR presets in Addition to Lightroom Develop Presets. Lightgram Instafade presets. These presets emulate the beauty and nostalgia of film