Quotes by Kim Namjoon

I hope this blog has helped some of you. It was fun and even touching to do it. I really like what he says, and I can understand a lot. I hope you find comfort in his words as well. I hope each of you can create an excellent tree.

Omnis Amans Amens; Every lover is crazy

So please use me, use us, use BTS to love yourself. “I have a lot of flaws and a lot of fear, but I will accept myself with all my strength, and I am starting to love myself, little by little.” But I am still an ordinary boy, twenty-four years old. If I achieved anything, it was only possible because there were other BTS members with me, and also because of the love and support of our ARMYS fans…


She will embody things like fabrics saying, “I can not get cotton, I want French cotton! Kim knows what she wants and will get everything she wants. I like this for her, I like diva. These are 20 + inspirational quotes from BTS RM lyrics, speeches and conversations that prove he is really smart beyond his years..

“Today I am who I am, with all my shortcomings and mistakes. Tomorrow I may be a little smarter, and so will I. Find your definition of self-love. I used you guys to love myself, but that was never the goal.

Bts Watch Fan Covers on Youtube + Blood, Sweat & Tears 650 million views!

“I was born in Ilsan, a city near Seoul, South Korea. It is a beautiful place with a lake, hills and even an annual flower festival. I spent a happy childhood there and I was an ordinary boy. Namjoon is an excellent leader, he is a smart, good, well-behaved person that we ARMYT admire a lot. He teaches us a lot through the books he reads and the texts he writes. I hope he will always be that kind of person.