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However, it’s less inclusive in the sense that the Recipes section of the site is limited to those curated by contributors . Epicurious is my go-to recipe site; I’ve used it for four years. One of the aspects I like most about it is the user comments. Because the site is older, most recipes have at least a handful of comments, and I’ve found that most users leave really helpful feedback . However, it’s also very easy to ignore user comments if you just want to stick to the original recipe.

I usually cook from printed versions of the recipes , and Epicurious offers several options for the size of the printed page, whether or not images are included, and even the option to print a separate shopping list. As much as I like cooking from any of the several cookbooks in my library, I often look for new recipes online. I’m amazed at the number of ad-riddled pages I find by Googling the name of a dish. I do have an online subscription to Cook’s Illustrated , and there are a handful of other individual free sites I turn to for recipes and technique info.

However, as a research librarian, I’m always keen to execute a search in a manner that maximizes the number of relevant results by querying a specific set of targeted resources. When I put my home-cook hat on, I approach recipe-finding with a similar set of expectations. Though there’s no shortage of recipe information online, there’s not really an equivalent set of databases for cookery. Here’s a round-up of the best recipe aggregation resources I’ve found.

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On the upside, Big Oven already has over 500,000 recipes in its database that users have full access to. Additionally, if you have a hand-written recipe, you can scan it with your device’s camera and import it automatically. While you can create a grocery list on the free plan, you can’t access meal planning, and you can only scan in three hand-written recipes. Considering there was no warning of upcoming subscriptions, that email may have been an unwelcome shock for existing users. But for anyone paying attention to the world of free services and apps, it’s not too surprising. Creating and maintaining apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and web browsers is not an inexpensive endeavor.

Add in the additional cost of hosting servers to store recipes , and that price only balloons. Cooking a delicious meal is one thing, but knowing if the recipe is good before you even make it is another. The Epicurious app will dish on the recipes as you browse them through reviews from other users who have made the dish before. Make the right choice every time, and work your way to chef status.

By the 15th century, numerous manuscripts were appearing detailing the recipes of the day. Many of these manuscripts give very good information and record the re-discovery of many herbs and spices including coriander, parsley, basil and rosemary, many of which had been brought back from the Crusades. Serious Eats is another curated food community with some social features, including a set of forums, and original video content in addition to a large collection of recipes. Recipes come largely from featured cookbook writers and chefs, but also the wider community base . It’s more inclusive than Food52, because of its forums, and it’s more polyphonous because its cast of contributors is quite long and revolving.

If you’re looking for total control over your recipe collection, give Evernote or its food-centric spinoff Evernote Food (Web/iOS/Android) a try. Similarly, Springpad (Web/iOS/Android) takes a very visual approach to saving recipes in a virtual "recipe box," and it even organizes them for you so they’re easy to search and browse. It goes beyond recipes though, and includes a fully-featured meal planner, recipe search tool, and tools to build grocery lists based on your meal plan or the recipes you want to make on a Street Fighter V free download given week.

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The three main functions you’ll find in nutrient analysis software are recipe analysis and management, meal or menu plan creation/analysis, and food intake/diary analysis. Some software focuses on just one of these functions, while others offer all three. Gourmet can also generate shopping lists and calculate nutritional information. It imports Mealmaster, MasterCook and KRecipe files and exports PDFs, webpages and other formats.