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Check dedicated controllers for Traktor and Serato software at the best DJ controller of 2020. If you like the software by Native Instruments, you might also want to take a look at the best DJ controllers for Traktor Pro, and you may find the software included. Either you want a classic two-deck setup, either a more advanced four-channel environment. On each desc, you will find color-coded waveforms that will help you identify the kicks, hi-hats, and snares of the track. Also, Traktor’s extremely accurate beat grid-ding not only will improve your mixing skills but also give character and color to your performance.

Furthermore, you can get a new DJ controller, and its quite possible that you will also get a free full version of Serato DJ. For example, take a look at the best DJ controllers under $400. Serato is one of the premium brands when it comes to DJ software; the Serato DJ Pro is its commercial software with more features, while Serato DJ Intro is the free version.

Installed in your PC or Mac, it emulates turntables and a DJ mixer. With a DJ software, you can deliver the job by simply “drag-drop” a track from anywhere in your computer into the software. You can create and edit music libraries of your choice in no time. By creating music libraries in your software, it can quickly then scan and analyze your music.

DJing on physical vinyl discs is an out of the world experience. This free software can help you get the same experience on the paid software. If you believe that the features of the below free DJ softwares don’t cover your needs, check the best DJ software for professionals. DJing has a long-rooted history in America, and in 1947, we saw the first public example of modern DJing. However, in today’s era getting into DJing is not at all difficult. With readily available sophisticated technology and free software, getting to learn the art has become easier for beginners. You don’t have to purchase expensive mixing equipment, rent studios with a hefty price tag, or buy expensive software.


Was looking around for the best DJ software but couldn’t decide. I used Traktor and Virtual DJ when I was in college but only for fun in my room. I didn’t really get into DJ software but stuck to music production. Anyways, wanted to see what other options there are besides Traktor and DJ.

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Now that I see that there are really that much choice options, makes the buying decision easier for me. Weddings, club/bar owners, and in general whoever wants a mixed set on “auto-pilot”. Of course, we are not talking about DJing here, but sometimes as a DJ, you need to focus on other things and less on the technical aspects of mixing music. Don’t forget that the basic principle of a DJ is to keep the crowd entertained and the dance floor filled. I bet you already have an idea of what is or what might offer a DJ software.