Right now there are a whole lot of floor coverings, so it isn’t too easy to pick the most suitable one. Relatively recently, a new material – engineered plank has emerged. Many have wondered what’s greater, engineered or hardwood flooring. It’s very important to understand what the difference is, to be able to choose the ideal flooring for your home with your own hands. What’s the distinction between engineered board and parquet?

Engineered board describes modern flooring, comprising vsyavagonka.ru 2 layers. The very first basic layer is placed at the base. The production material is obviously birch. The second layer, situated on top, is made from veneer (sawn) of traditional and exotic woods.

Engineered board is durable and strong and exceeds parquet in these attributes. This flooring is most frequently produced from costly species of timber and it ensures the outstanding quality of the material. This board looks great in any interior.

Parquet, unlike most engineered planks, is not really dependable and durable. Repairs may be made many times. Such a board may be laid to the underfloor heating apparatus, this is the difference between engineered planks and parquet. Parquet, unlike engineered plank, is not as reliable and durable. Engineered flooring can be readily scraped, sanded and varnished when worn. Repairs may be made many times.

After long periods of time that the connection points don’t contribute to fractures and stay reliably fastened. The multilayered structure makes sure that the joints remain in place. With fluctuations in humidity and heat that the planking remains in its original condition. This fact makes it feasible to use it in the event of full coverage of the floor .

To absorb noises, an acoustic unique strand with holes is created for this type of board. The thickness of the coating can be any. This simple fact allows you to connect an assortment of floor coverings.

It’s possible to install the plank onto a standard concrete screed, since the board has a substrate of moisture-resistant plywood. Engineering board is offered in various variants and can readily be paired with any style of home.

It’s possible to install the plank on a standard concrete screed, since the board includes a moisture-resistant plywood underlayment. Engineered planking is sold in many different variations and isn’t difficult to match with any house style.

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Parquet, sadly, does not possess these attributes, however with confidence can compare with many floor coverings as well as triumph. It comes only in the shape of joint planks, an odd design combination which allows you to create very lovely joints.